Garrett Elwood Brownback  ‎(IND01671)‎
Garrett Elwood Brownback

Gender: MaleMale

Birth: 27 December 1846 39 34
Personal Facts and Details
Birth 27 December 1846 39 34
Marriage Emma Evans - 20 January 1874 ‎(Age 27)‎

Note: b: 27 DEC 1846 in East Vincent Township, Chester County, Pennsylvania
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Parents Family  (FAM00553)
Jesse Brownback
1807 - 1899
Elizabeth Chrisman
1812 - 1853
Garrett Elwood Brownback
1846 -

Immediate Family  (FAM00552)
Emma Evans
1847 -
Mary Elizabeth Brownback
1875 -
Caroline Grace Brownback
1879 -
Charlotte Evans Brownback
1881 -
Garrett Arthur Brownback
1882 -
Jesse Evans Brownback
1883 - 1964
John Kenneth Brownback
1890 -


GARRET E. BROWNBACK is a descendant of two honored pioneer families o f Pennsylvania. He was born in Vincent township, Chester county, Penns ylvania, December 27, 1846, near the old Bethel church on his father' s farm, land originally settled by his great-great-grandfather, Gerhar d Brumbaugh ‎(as formerly spelled)‎ in 1716. He attended the public scho ols of the vicinity, later the Guldin School at Pughtown, and the Stat e Normal School at Millersville. He is the son of Jesse and Elizabet h ‎(Christman)‎ Brownback, of Chester county. Jesse was born March 18, 1 807. Elizabeth was a daughter of Jacob Christman, the family being o f German descent.

Garret E. Brownback was reared in Chester county, near the old Brownba ck's church. After receiving a liberal education he entered on a busin ess career. He was employed one year as clerk in Jesse Reinhart's stor e and formed a partnership with his brother, Penrose, in 1867, becomin g a dealer in general merchandise at Linfield. After three years of su ccessful experience, he built a commodious block for store purposes, w here Penrose remains in business. The firm continued until 1876, whe n Garret carried on business alone, but later closed out to Penrose, r etiring from mercantile business in 1887, engaging in what has led t o his present occupation. He commenced attending Philadelphia market i n a small way, with butter made by himself and bought from his neighbo rs.

In 1888, to make himself master of the business, he took a course in p harmacy, in Philadelphia, with special reference to the analysis of mi lk, and thus prepared himself for the work he has since done in his cr eamery. Mr. Brownback having made himself master of the butter busines s, erected his first creamery at Linfield in 1888, since which time h e has added to his holdings from time to time until he owns ten creame ries, his daily output of butter being thirty-two hundred pounds, whil e he buys a thousand or more of other manufacturers. He finds a read y market for his product in Philadelphia, where he sells mostly to con sumers and to the grocery trade. To facilitate trade in butter he ha s eight stalls in Ridge Avenue Market, using a dozen delivery wagons , for the purpose of supplying customers with butter, chickens, eggs , and other produce. He also, has two teams at Atlantic City, which ar e engaged in supplying his trade. He offers to his patrons the pures t creamery products on the market, and, delivers orders to all parts o f Philadelphia, selling more butter than any other retail dealer. Mr . Brownback's creameries are fitted out with the most improved facilit ies for butter-making, including separators and other machinery, all o perated by steam, and all being the best of their kind, and combinin g the latest results of progress in butter-making. He also operates a n extensive ice plant, using the product in his business.

In his business management, Mr. Brownback is thoroughly progressive, e mploying every attainable improvement. His offices are equipped, wit h the best typewriters, desks, safes, and other appliances, and teleph one connection supplies facilities for the prompt and successful trans action of business. He is the recognized authority on all matters' con nected with the operation and management of creameries. In addition t o his creamery holdings, Mr. Brownback owns five fine farms, comprisin g in all five hundred acres. Two Chester county farms contain two hund red and twenty acres of land that has not been out of the Brownback na me since the time of William' Penn, there being only one deed betwee n the present owner and the proprietor of Pennsylvania: Mr. Brownbac k is a stockholder and treasurer of the cold storage plant at Linfield ; he is also a director of the Industrial Savings Fund, of Royersford ; vice president of the Home National Bank of Royersford; vice preside nt of the Royersford Trust Company; and a director of the Ridge Avenu e Market Company; treasurer not the Linfield Plough Company; and own s and operates the Linfield Steam Grist Mill

In 1897 Mr. Brownback erected a palatial residence at Linfield, constr ucted of stone of modern architecture. The grounds are extensive and a ll the surroundings beautiful. He also owns much other Linfield proper ty.

On January 20, 1874, Mr. Brownback married Miss Emma Evans, who was bo rn August 30, 1848. Mrs. Brownback is the daughter of Thomas B. and Ma ry A. ‎(Schwenk)‎ Evans. Thomas was a son of Owen Evans, and he a son o f David, whose ancestor came from Wales to Pennsylvania several genera tions ago. The family have long been prominent in that section in Mont gomery county. Owen Evans reared the following family: Robert; Mathew ; David; John and Thomas B.
Death b: 27 DEC 1846 in East Vincent Township, Chester County, Pennsylvania

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Family with Parents
Jesse Brownback ‎(IND01673)‎
Birth 18 March 1807
Death 3 August 1899 ‎(Age 92)‎
6 years
Elizabeth Chrisman ‎(IND01672)‎
Birth 23 October 1812
Death 21 June 1853 ‎(Age 40)‎
Garrett Elwood Brownback ‎(IND01671)‎
Birth 27 December 1846 39 34
Family with Emma Evans
Garrett Elwood Brownback ‎(IND01671)‎
Birth 27 December 1846 39 34
8 months
Emma Evans ‎(IND00699)‎
Birth 30 August 1847 38 35

Marriage: 20 January 1874
15 months
Mary Elizabeth Brownback ‎(IND01674)‎
Birth 15 April 1875 28 27
4 years
Caroline Grace Brownback ‎(IND01675)‎
Birth 16 May 1879 32 31
20 months
Charlotte Evans Brownback ‎(IND01676)‎
Birth 7 January 1881 34 33
16 months
Garrett Arthur Brownback ‎(IND01677)‎
Birth 30 April 1882 35 34
15 months
Jesse Evans Brownback ‎(IND01678)‎
Birth 19 July 1883 36 35
Death 3 October 1964 ‎(Age 81)‎
7 years
John Kenneth Brownback ‎(IND01679)‎
Birth 3 October 1890 43 43