Owen Evans Owen Evans  ‎(IND00582)‎
Owen Evans

Gender: MaleMale

Birth: 1699 24
Death: 28 November 1754 ‎(Age 55)‎
Personal Facts and Details

OF THESE, OWEN, born in 1699, was for many years justice of the peace and at one time a member of the colonial assembly. He was also a member of the vestry of St. James' Protestant Episcopal church of Evansburg from 1738 until the time of his death. Bean, in his History of Montgomery County, page 917, says: "Owen Evans was an early settler. He was appointed a justice of the peace in 1732 and continued to hold that office until his death. He appears to have been a prominent man and died in 1754, aged fifty-five years.

On August 14, 1721, in Christ church, Philadelphia, he married Mary, the daughter of William and Mary Davis, and had by her eight children, one of whom.

Owen Evans, second son of William and Ann Evans, was born in 1699, and died November 28, 1754. He resided in Limerick Township, Montgomery ‎(formerly Philadelphia)‎ County, and was a man of large estate and distinction, filling several important public trusts. On November 22, 1738, he was commissioned one of the justices of the peace and of the courts of Philadelphia County, and was four times recommissioned, serving until his death, and was also a member of the Provincial Assembly.

In 1740, when troops were being enlisted in the colonies for service in an expedition against the Spanish West Indies, Owen Evans was one of the officers appointed by Governor Thomas for the enlistment of troops in Pennsylvania. In this connection the Governor made the following announcement in the Philadelphia Gazette of April 24, 1740:

"By the Governor's command,
"Notice is hereby given to all such as shall be willing to enlist in the important Expedition now on Foot for attacking and plundering the most valuable part of the Spanish West Indies, to repair to the following Gentlemen and subscribe their names till a General Rendezvous shall be ordered at Philadelpha-viz:
"In Philadelphia County: Capt. Palmer, Thomas Lawrence, Alexander Woodrop, James Hamilton, Samuel Lane at Pekiomen, Marcus Hewling at Manatawney, Owen Evan of Limerick. The said Gentlemen are strictly enjoined not to disclose any persons name that shall be desirous to have it concealed.
"N.B. If any Swedes, Germans, Swissers or others will engage a number of their countrymen to enlist in this glorious Expedition they will receive suitable encouragement in the companies raised by them. The King will supply yhe Troops raised here with Arms, Clothing and Pay and has engaged his Royal Word to send all persons back to their respective Habitations when the service shall be over, unless they shall desire to settle themselves elsewhere.
"Philadelphia, April-16-1740."

Owen Evans was an Episcopalian, and, from 1738 until his death, was a vertryman of St. James Church, at what is now Evansburg, Montgomery County. He inherited the four hundred acre tract purchased by his father, and lived in the house erected thereon about 1716, which, though somewhat modernized and added to, is still standing. In the old records of the Recorder of Deeds in Philadelphia his name is frequently met with, and a book of "Road Surveys" by Henry Pennypacker, no in the possession of the Historcal Society of Pennsylvania, show his signature appended to several surveys. The inventory filed in his estate shows personal property amounting to $687-23-10, and the realty increased the amount to over $3000,-a large estate for his time.

He married, August 14, 1721, Mary, daughter of William and Mary Davis, the marriage being recorded in the register of Christ Church, Philadelphia, and he and his wife were buried in Limerick church-yard.

Children of Owen and Mary ‎(Davis)‎ Evans:

i. William Evans, born in 1723; died in 1747, probably unmarried.
ii. Ann Evans, born June 14, 1725; married Edward Lane, born December 23, 1724, so of William and Abigail Lane, and both are buried in St. James Church-yard, at Evansburg. Issue: Mary, Jane, Abigail, Ann, Winifred, William, Eleanor ‎(who married Owen Evans, her cousin)‎, Hannah, David, and Anna.
iii. Mary Evans, born 1724; died February 2, 1809; married October, 1747, James Brooke, born October 26, 1721 ‎(son of Jonathan Brooke and Elizabeth Rees)‎; died June 3, 1787. James Brooke was an intimate friend of Reverend Henry Melchior Muhlenberg. Issue of James and Mary ‎(Evans)‎ Brooke: Owen, married Elizabeth Hammer; Mary, married James Evans, son of her great-uncle George Evans; Elizabeth, married Samuel Brooke; Benjamin, married Anna Davis; Barnabas; jonathan, married Susanna Stetler; James, married Hannah Stetler; Hannah, married William Davis; Ann, married James Evans, son of Thomas Evans; Ruth, married Job Pugh; and Rachel.
iv. David Evans, born January 22, 1730; married October 27, 1762, Anna Brooke, born March 3, 1745; died March 22, 1773; daughter of Matthew Brooke by his wife Sarah Rees, who was a sister of Hannah Rees, the wife of his brother, Thomas Evans. Anna Brooke was a sister of Thomas Brooke and George Brooke, the respective grandparents of Major-General John Rutter Brooke, U.S.A., and George Brooke Roberts, late President of the Pennsylvania Railroad Company. David and Anna ‎(Brooke)‎ Evans left issue: Sarah, married James Garrett; Mary, married Amos Evans; Owen, married Rachel Brooke; Matthew; and William. Among the descendants of David Evans may be mentioned Montgomery Evans, ESQ., a prominent lawyer and financier, of Norristown, Pennsylvania. David Evans died October 23, 1800.
v. Gwenifred Evans; married John Umstat
vi. Benjamin Evans; married January 10, 1754, Hannah Rees, and had issue: Rees, who married Ruth Hoven.
vii. Thomas Evans, born May 21, 1737; died March 13, 1810; married Hannah Rees.
viii Jane Evans; never married.

-From A Genealogical History of the Dupuy Family by Charles Meredith Dupuy
Death d maybe 1753

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Family with Parents
William Evans ‎(IND00572)‎
Birth 1675 35
Death 1720 ‎(Age 45)‎
Owen Evans ‎(IND00582)‎
Birth 1699 24
Death 28 November 1754 ‎(Age 55)‎
David Evans ‎(IND00585)‎
Birth 1699 24
Death 1786 ‎(Age 87)‎
1 year
William Evans ‎(IND00570)‎
Birth 1700 25
Death 1758 ‎(Age 58)‎
2 years
Elizabeth Evans ‎(IND00584)‎
Birth 1702 27
Death 1720 ‎(Age 18)‎
5 months
George Evans ‎(IND00583)‎
Birth 15 June 1702 27
Death 1761 ‎(Age 58)‎
Family with Mary Davis
Owen Evans ‎(IND00582)‎
Birth 1699 24
Death 28 November 1754 ‎(Age 55)‎

Marriage: 14 August 1721
17 months
William Evans ‎(IND00862)‎
Birth 1723 24
Death 1746 ‎(Age 23)‎
1 year
Mary Evans ‎(IND00863)‎
Birth 1724 25
Death 2 February 1809 ‎(Age 85)‎
17 months
Ann Evans ‎(IND00864)‎
Birth 11 June 1725 26

5 years
David Evans ‎(IND00687)‎
Birth 22 January 1730 31
Death 23 October 1800 ‎(Age 70)‎
7 years
Thomas Evans ‎(IND00867)‎
Birth 12 May 1737 38
Death 13 March 1810 ‎(Age 72)‎
Benjamin Evans ‎(IND00866)‎
Death 1760
Jane Evans ‎(IND00868)‎
Death 1766